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“Adam and Eve’s First Child Was a Girl”

By Adolf  Mathebula

“Because God took one look at Adam and said, ‘Wow. This guy’s going to need all the help he can get.’ And here we are.” ― Nancy Mehl, Simple Secrets

Was Adam’s first Child a girl? I know some of you have never thought of this and you are probably shocked as to why would anyone ever think of asking such a question. The reason for this question is simple; it will tear down all the misconceptions people have about creation and how the world ‘developed’ to what it is now.

There are many theories that have been brought forth to fill in the gaps that we see in the book of Genesis. Some do make sense logically. Some are just a pure foolish attempt to answer things the book of Genesis was never intended to fully address (that is; if we intend to address matters without studying and taking into consideration other books in the Bible). Some ignore certain verses in the book itself and choose the ones which serve their agenda.

For example; the word “God” in Genesis 1:1 is in plural form but somehow there are people who struggle with the idea of a Triune God. Of which it is easy to argue against if you ignore some of the things Jesus said in the book of John. Can we all just agree that the Bible is not such an easy book to understand sometimes? But if you are going to be selective in terms of which part of it you read and take seriously and which part you will ignore; you will struggle in your understanding of it.

The question still stands; was Adam’s first child a girl? I expect whoever is going to read further than here to actually open the read the verses I will be talking about here. I am using the KJV version of the Bible. If you are lazy to do that; please come back when you have the time.

To answer this question lets first look at Genesis 1: 27-28; where we are told that God blessed His ‘creation of man’ with the ability to be fruitful, to multiply and replenish the Earth. Which simply means God was not going to go around creating a lot of human beings and fill the Earth with them. He blessed ‘those’ he created to do it. It was part of His ‘command’ to ‘man’. It was not to be His doing. That’s the first thing we need to keep in mind because it is key to understanding what I want to say  and I hope that’s simple enough for anyone to understand.

In Genesis 2:23-25 we are told of Adam’s reaction when God brought Eve his wife to him. He spoke about a man leaving his father and his mother to go cleave unto his wife and be one flesh. Mind you; according to the account in Genesis at this stage it was only Adam and Eve who were here on Earth; but Adam being a man created in God’s image he ‘predicted’ what the future will look like when humans have finally increased on Earth. A husband and wife situations as he described in his prediction were nonexistent. It was something that was to happen in the future. That’s the second thing to keep in mind.

Let’s note one thing very important also. Adam did not say God will create other human beings and make them husband and wife; he said a male will leave his ‘family’ and go cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh; speaking of His ‘seeds to come’. So a male leaving him (Adam) and Eve (Family) to go and cleave to one of his daughters was to be expected. This is the part where you can read the previous sentence or this paragraph over and over again, I wouldn’t mind.

Adam did not speak about wedding and families meeting up for marriage negotiations. Though that’s what happens now. But what he was taking about was how males were to choose their mates. That at a point when a male child has ‘spotted’ a wife; he was to leave his father and mother and go cleave unto his wife.

Eve was taken from Adam and he was ‘married’ to her; his sons and daughters also were from him; they could do the same with his daughters. I know that might sound weird but how else could the earth be filled? Adolf, are you saying that Adam’s sons took his daughters for wives? That’s exactly what I am saying.

If God created other prefect human beings and placed them somewhere; Adam’s sin would have only affected him and his family but guess what? It affected the whole earth because there was no one somewhere that God has created. We all came from Adam and Eve. Because we all come from him; his sin affects all of us (every race).  That’s what the Bible teaches us. The (ground) earth was cursed because of Adam; if there were perfect people someone who did no wrong; God would be doing injustice to punish them for something Adam did but because we all came from him; we share part in the punishment. That’s the foundation I wanted to put down before giving my answer.

This doesn’t answer our question but it gives us a good foundation in order for us to give the right answer (Of course I am talking about myself).

The answer is found in Genesis 4:1-2 Where it says “And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord. And she again bare his brother Abel….”

Is that all? Relax, let’s break that down.

Adam has sexual intercourse with his wife. The good question is: was this their first time? I definitely believe it not their first time; and why do I say this? Because of the comment that follows after that statement. Where it was said that “…. and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord”. Meaning that; previously they were having children but they were bearing girls only. For a lack of a better word; this was somehow an historic event. Giving birth to a male child was such a thing they have waited for; the event had to have a comment. It was special to them. Feel free to read this paragraph again.

Bear in mind that the most of Bible does not record the generations of daughters. It only records sons in the families.  Adam and Eve could have had 100 girls before Cain the Bible writer wouldn’t tell us. But the comment the parents made about Cain tells us that they were yet to have a male Child and God finally gave it to them. Could this ‘ability’ to bear girls prior to bearing boys be a God’s way of allowing human beings the ‘chance’  to reproduce at a good rate and to ensure that every male who comes after would have a wife? I believe it. And I also believe it is in our genes also. We are wired in such a way that we will always produce more females than we would males.

My first child is a female and her mom is also a first child in her mom’s side. I am the only male in my mom’s three children. You get the point right? There will always be more females being reproduced.

Adam being without a wife God saw it as a “not a god thing”. I can safely conclude that the males who were to be born after him had to have the opportunity to take wives when they see fit and not have to wait for a wife. This also would give room to the fulfillment of the prediction of Adam about a male leaving his mother and father and go cleave to his wife.

In the days of Adam marriage is not something that was negotiated between families; hence we are not told about negotiations when a male was to have a wife but told about him leaving to cleave to the one he sees fit as a wife. I know this is weird but Adam and Eve lived in those times when the laws and principles we have now were not yet being followed. Lets share more light.

Remember when Cain was banished from Eden? The Bible says in Genesis 4:16-17  that “Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east side of Eden. And Cain knew his wife…..”

Some people use this to suggest that Cain married a wife from some generation of people God created somewhere. It is a lie (I know that’s a bold thing to say but it is true). Cain took a wife from those around him born from Adam and went out to live with her. We are not told of any wedding ceremony or anything like that because there was none. It was just him seeing one of the girls fit to be a wife and cleaving to her.  I know this is not how our world is set up now and thank God for that; but back then that’s how things were.

Forgive me for speaking as if I was there; but it just makes sense. Especially if you study what the word “Nod” means. It couldn’t have been a place where there were people living happily ever after. They were the ones to have first built there according to Genesis 4:17 because there was no one. Just because the land was called the land of Nod it does not mean there were people; the name actually suggest there weren’t.

Another thing we should take note of is that there are years between Bible events; especially those recorded in Genesis. Between Eve’s first child and Cain there might be a lot of years. We should not assume just because we can read the whole first 5 chapters of Genesis in a day it means those things happened in a few couple of years. Cain was a tiller of the ground; I’m pretty convinced that’s a skill he had to learn from Adam and probably from his sisters also and it took years to master.

We try to make the Bible very complicated but it is not. Truth is; God created Adam and Eve and we all came from them. It is that simple. The simple thoughts I have presented here might be hard for some to swallow but it makes sense and is in context with Genesis Chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4.

By believing God might have created others humans and put them somewhere we make the whole Bible very confusing and open ourselves to a lot of error in our interpretations. Next thing we end up sounding stupid and confused.

There are a lot of things which Christians have come to believe without questioning. Just because when they got to Church someone kept saying it over and over again even without making reference of it in the Bible. That is how some have come to believe lies and misinterpretations of Scriptures; as long as someone says it and the other says it – they just assume it must be true and Biblical.

Usually when a pastor introduces a sermon’s title you can without a doubt know what he is going to talk about and how he will say it; not because you know too much but because there is a repetition of statements about things people believe are true and can be proven through the Scripture but they are not in the Bible people just believe they are.

Allow me to say Adam and Eve’s first child was a girl and the above text is my thoughts why I say so. I wish I could continue on these thoughts but allow me to open the door for others to comment. And lets see where we go from here. I do not want to write so much when there might be someone out there who might talk about this matter in a more better manner. And I am ready for the comments 🙂

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