1175524_510939332322463_384087244_nFor those who are interested here is something about me to read.

Adolf is a Writer, an Influential Public Speaker, Blogger, P.D Coach and a Web Developer. He blogs primarily about Church related issues and Christian spirituality and through his blog seeks to engage people about relationships, Bible topics, current matters and passionately about personal development; with intention to challenge how people think, their belief system and to introduce them to new thoughts and add light on such important matters.

As a personal development coach, he believes strongly that every human being carries something inside then that is meant to bless others and make this world a better place (a solution, a vision, talent or gift); that we’re all ‘capable of change’ and that is; change to be better persons and be able to lead healthy and fruitful relationships with others and most importantly: to cope better with life’s issues and challenges.

He is passionate about self-awareness and helping people putting things into right perspectives; this passion is one that lead him into blogging and coaching.

As a Christian: having given himself to the Lord, to the reading, studying and teaching the Bible; and seeking the Lord in prayer; with great passion for helping the young and confused spiritually- coupled with his dedication to bringing such into maturity- Adolf Mathebula throughout the years has been transformed into an effective teacher of Christian Bible fundamentals and one capable of helping people on their personal development journey and their spiritual stability– He does this primarily through group teachings and coaching; one-on-one mentoring and coaching and various speaking engagements.

Having served as a ‘youth teacher’ in different congregations, and being part of the teachers in ‘new believers classes’ and having had the opportunity to lead different prayer meetings- Adolf has a ‘level’ of understanding when it comes to Personal Development, Spiritual Maturity, Prayer and Christian Discipleship and Life coaching.

As a Bible teacher; in all his preaching– he gives much emphasis to prayer, maturity and the reading of the Word. Because he believes regardless who you are; we all need prayer and we all need God’s Word in our lives; that this should be part of basic principles every human being lives according to (values)- the passion to teach and bring others into maturity was imparted by his spiritual mentor, LM Lesiba- a noted prophet, teacher and an intercessor. A servant of God, who has mentored Adolf like a father and demonstrated what it means to mentor people into spiritual maturity (through weekly teachings meetings, sometimes weekly all nights teaching meetings, which Adolf attended faithfuly to learn and to grow). Such meetings provoked Adolf to love God, His Word and people more.

Now that we got that out of the way; Enjoy the blog post.

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